• The ‘new generation’ of research technologies make it possible to get closer to the contemporary consumer-brand experience
  • But we need to judge when they add value to the ‘traditional’ methods ...for the questions we need to answer, not just because they are ‘in fashion’
  • New digital technologies help us understand our target better both as people and how different aspects of the brand experience fit into their lives, personally, socially, culturally
  • Other specialised disciplines from socio-cultural experience like Semiotics can help illuminate category and cultural communication codes on a global scale
  • But we equally believe that 'traditional' face to face interaction (with the right techniques) remains a cornerstone. Especially to explore the critical emotional authenticity of the brand strategically, and in communication and content, using concepts and stimulus developmentally
  • We are particularly experienced in internationally co-ordinated studies. Our coordination approach is a kind of "Benevolent Dictatorship"
  • We collaborate with local agency moderators to ensure sensitivity to local cultures. We appreciate the value they add, especially insight into local consumer response. But we unashamedly believe central experience and brand understanding is key to ultimate interpretation
  • We are fast, and flexible. We have no ties to global agency networks and no heavy corporate structure. We assemble the right team for each project. Our team (many bi-lingual or native language speakers) brief face to face and observe/guide all fieldwork, conducting analysis in collaboration with the local moderator
  • We pull together the 'big picture' working in a highly focussed central team so the ultimate analysis and interpretation criteria are consistent, revealing true similarities and differences, not the effect of local 'bias'
International brand insight